• A Greenville Classic

  • The Perfect Blend of Old & New

  • The Clock Drive-In.

Since 1954 The Clock has been a local favorite here in Greenville.
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The Clock Doesn't Run So Quickly Here

Busy, busy, busy. The day’s demands don’t stop, so neither do you.
At the Clock Drive-In #3, we see the time passing, too–be hard to miss it, with a big time piece out front!
But time seems to pass more slowly from inside our doors.

About Us

Maybe it’s the classic, diner feel that hasn’t changed since the 50s. Or the fast, fresh, made-to-order menu filled with timeless American diner-style fare. While we’ve not yet put a finger on what our time-stopping secret is, we believe in providing our customers with an outstanding experience–and that having to put down your cell phone to grip that homemade chili cheeseburger with both hands is going to do you some good. So let the Clock rescue you from fast living for a moment. We’ll welcome you, feed you, and send you back out into the mix with a sloppy grin on your face.

Our Menu

Any Time’s a Good Time for the Clock

And it has been for over 60 years! Red booths, drive-in style, ‘50s décor and all, the Clock looks very much the same as it always has. But that’s not to say we haven’t seen change.

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What they say

Learn why our customers can't get enough!

  • “Best onion rings in town!!”

    - Stephanie Sullivan

  • “I've been a Clock regular since starting my freshman year at BJU back in 1970.”

    - Farley Barnhardt

  • “My first trip to this Clock was just a few days after they opened, and I am still a regular customer after 61 1/2 years.”

    - Tom Brissey

  • “Clock chilidog plate (mustard, chili, onions, slaw) with a cheeseburger on the side and fries all da way!!”

    - Jason Harris

  • “Dear John, the chili cheeseburger hit the spot tonight!”

    - Libby Flack Everhart

Find Us!

We're located on Wade Hampton Blvd, right next to Bob Jones University.
Clock Drive-In
1844 Wade Hampton Blvd.
Greenville, SC 29609